Watch the Documentary Film we did on Christian – Muslim Interfaith Dialogue

God came into the world to show us his love as the person Jesus Christ! He invited everyone to freely know, follow and find full life, as it should be here and now! Is this good news where you are at today?

Are you looking for hope? Are you looking for a listening community on your spiritual journey? That’s us.

“PeaceChurch is a listening community.” ~Fread

Are you looking for a diverse place to be in your spiritual journey with Jesus?

“PeaceChurch is where I go to find fun and rest with friends.”~KR

Are you looking for a safe space to find healing and hope and find salvation (be saved) from the daily challenges of life in Metro-Manila and the Philippines?

“With PeaceChurch we don’t just try to solve one another’s problems but we really journey with each other until we and our problems are transformed together.” ~Kat

Peace Church Philippines was born when Filipino culture met the Anabaptist-Mennonite Christian tradition. What is an Anabaptist Christian?

Our guiding light is Jesus in the Gospels and our conviction is that God is on a mission to bring peace, justice and reconciliation to all relationships in creation.

One of the key writers of the bible, the Apostle Paul called Jesus life and message the “Gospel of Peace that Jesus is Lord of all” (Acts 10:36). With Jesus spirit we are bringing peace and reconciliation everywhere we go so that everyone can look to God and find Him while on their journey to:

  • Harmony with God
  • Harmony with Ourselves
  • Harmony with Others
  • Harmony with Creation

We’re a church community like this!

We worship God every Tuesday night like family! We eating dinner together, sing our story together retell the stories of God’s love in scripture and new stories of how we are experiencing the power of God to transform us and the world in our daily lives.

Join us for dinner, and discover Christian faith from an Anabaptist perspective!

Check out our core values here

Look at our core convictions here

Finally hope over to our Blog and our Facebook Page to see some examples of how we live our faith.

You are always welcome to walk with us on our faith journey as we walk with Jesus, the one who said, “Come and follow me and I will give you full life!”


Watch the Documentary Film we did on Christian – Muslim Interfaith Dialogue