Our simple core values

1. Biblical Peace

Jesus Christ, revealed in scripture, is the centre of our faith and life.  As Christ-followers, we follow Jesus’ teaching and example of non-violence and self-sacrificial love for all. Jesus example is just as important as his teaching. Biblical peace or shalom/salaam is the Gospel and it means we now have harmony with God, harmony with self, harmony with others and harmony with creation.

2. Worshiping & Celebrating Community

We learn, serve and eat together while celebrating life and sharing our resources in a safe space where authentic relationships can grow.

3. Serving the Body of Christ

We are witnesses to the world and the larger church. We spread God’s message of peace and reconciliation and encourage the Body of Christ to remember that Jesus way of Nonviolent engagement is rooted in scripture and church history.

4. Integrated Learning

We believe learning is continuous and seamless. Learning happens by connecting all aspects of life in constant action and reflection. We learn as a community, share stories, discuss issues, study scripture and serve the Philippines.

5. Relevantly Engaging Society Jesus’ way

We engage society by actively pursuing peace and reconciliation, with a voice about local and global issues and by strengthening relationships with other faith groups with similar goals.